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Har Bracha Tahini

by the Good Samaritans




Our Story

Samaritan “Har Bracha Tahini” was founded in 2002 as a small family business in Mount Gerizim, Nablus. Along with special production method that created a unique rich flavor Tahini with 100% natural sesame.

Our vision is to fulfill the highest standards of quality, and create a strong relationship with our customers based on trust and satisfaction 




Why Samaritans Tahini

Why Samaritans Tahini

100% Natural & kosher Choice

Samaritans Tahini

By The Good Samaritan we make the best Tahini ever, we bring the finest sesame in the world from the Great Nile to the heart of the Holy Land Mount Gerizim, produce a 100% nature Tahini with taste and flavor you will never forget! We love Tahini and we use it almost in every meal we had for everyday that’s why we make Tahini within our stander of Kosher and quality “Rich taste Tahini” 100% Kosher, nature without any additions.



How it’s made

Special made

With Care & Passion

Pure Tahini

Selected Sesame seeds from the land of Ethiopia.
Soaked in pure water for 3 hours, then washed by water and salt.
Dried & roasted well, then sifted of sediments and roasting remnants.
Grinding the Sesame in the mill to become Tahini.
Produced of Tahini fillet in the special buckets for shipping.